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    Salary: Base $32,448

    Closing Date: Until filled

    Job Description:  School Psychologist

    REPORTS TO:      Director of Special Education     
    Essential Functions:
    Responsible for providing psycho-educational services to referred students.
    Participates in multi-disciplinary referral meetings.
    Determines appropriate placement with the multi-disciplinary team and contribute to the development of IEPs.

    Assists in Child Find testing activities.
    Provides consultative services to provide information regarding learning style, classroom management,     and behavior modification to enhance student achievement.
    Provides confidential information to the teacher/principal when deemed to be in the student’s best interest.
    Provides consultative services to parents as necessary.
    Responsible for individual or group short-term counseling.
    Makes recommendations regarding outside counseling sources.
    Counsels parents as to how to most effectively deal with their child’s specific behavioral and emotional needs.
    Documents parent contact, counseling sessions, and classroom interventions.  
    Participates in vocational planning for special education students.
    Only minimum duties are listed.  Other functions may be required as given or assigned.

     If you should have any questions please contact Patricia Black 768-6844


    Salary: Base 32,448
    Closing Date: Until filled

    Job Description: Speech and Language Pathologist

    Nature of Speech & Language Pathologist Position:

    The Speech & Language Pathologist shall help reduce or eliminate speech/language, communication and hearing disorders that interfere with the individual student’s ability to derive full benefit from the district’s educational program.    The Speech & Language Pathologist shall work with the Special Education Director and/or Principal and, through her/him with the principals and teacher in program planning and scheduling.         The Speech & Language Pathologist shall work with the various coordinators and service personnel in furnishing programs and services to each student. The Speech & Language Pathologist shall function in an instructive staff capacity when providing services and assistance to principals.

     If you should have any questions please contact Patricia Black 768-6844


    Special Education: Poplar, MT

    Salary: Base $32,448
    losing Date: Until filled

    Job Description:
    teaching either individuals or small groups of pupils within, or outside the class; preparing lessons and resources; marking and assessing work; developing and adapting conventional teaching methods to meet the individual needs of pupils; using special equipment and facilities, such as audiovisual materials and computers to stimulate interest in learning; collaborating with the classroom teacher to define appropriate activities for the pupils in relation to the curriculum; assessing children who have long or short-term learning difficulties and working with colleagues to identify individual pupils' special needs; organizing learning outside the classroom in activities such as community visits, school outings or sporting events; assisting in severely disabled pupils' personal care/medical needs; administration, including updating and maintaining records of pupils' progress; attending statutory annual reviews or other related meetings, learning or having the knowledge of AIMS and Sped Standards of the Office of Public Instruction.


    If you should have any questions please contact Patricia Black 768-6844